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We are no longer accepting applications to join Rainbow Rainbow Bridge Ride.


Take in the sights of some of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks while riding along routes where bicycles are not normally permitted, including over the Rainbow Bridge and through the Tokyo Port Umi No Mori Tunnel.

Courses are available for a wide range of participants, from high-level amateurs and cycling enthusiasts to families and more.

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Events will start sequentially from around 7:30 AM.


レインボーライド VENUE MAP

Participant Guide GUIDE

Permitted Bicycle Types

Course Rainbow Long (advanced)) Rainbow Middle (all levels) Rainbow Short (all levels) Enjoy Umi No Mori (all levels)
Road bike
Road bike (multi-gear)
Sport cycle
(multi-gear or w/
electric assist)
Sport cycle (multi-gear or w/electric assist)
City/utility bike
(multi-gear w/
electric assist)
*Bicycle with child seat attached
City/utility bike ("mama-chari" ) (multi-gear w/electric assist)
Rental cycle
(multi-gear w/
electric assist)
Rental cycle (multi-gear w/electric assist)
City/utility bike (including w/gears)
City/utility bike (including w/gears)
None of the above (no gears, no electric assist)
None of the above (no gears, no electric assist)

*1 Rental cycles will be provided by the organizer. If you wish to rent a bike, please select the option when applying. (Please note that there are a limited number of rental bikes, and recipients may be chosen by lottery.)

Bicycle Class Main Definition Bicycle Types Handlebar Shapes
Road bike Mainly bikes with drop handlebars and tires over 25 inches in diameter
  • • Road bike
  • • Gravel bike
  • • Cyclocross
  • • Drop handlebars
    *Road bikes with flat handlebars are considered “sport cycles”
Sport cycle Flat handlebars, such as on cross bikes and mountain bikes
Sport bikes with flat handlebars
  • • Trail bike
  • • Cross bike
  • • Mountain bike
  • • Flat handlebars (bar ends acceptable)
  • • Riser bars
City/utility bike ("mama-chari") Frame is designed for comfort rather than sports
  • • City/utility bike
  • • Typical city/utility bike handlebars
    *modifications not permitted
Mini velo Bikes with tires from 16 to 24 inches in diameter
  • • Mini velo
  • • Flat handlebars
Special bikes Bikes other than the above
  • • Fat bikes (beach cruisers) etc.
  • • Depends on individual bike

The following types of bikes are not permitted:

  • • Illegal bicycles
    Example: Electrically-assisted bicycles equipped with functions not defined in Japan (power providing speeds of 25 km/h or more)
    Example: Electrically-assisted bicycles which move without the rider pedaling
  • • Recumbent bikes
  • • Handcycles
  • • Tricycles
  • • Track bikes (fixed gear)
  • • Bicycles with training wheels
  • • Mini velo bikes with tires less than 16 inches in diameter
  • • Tandem bikes
  • • Bikes that do not fall under the types that can be used on the corresponding course

The following types of handlebars are not permitted:

  • • Downhill handlebars
  • • Clip-ons
  • • Spinaci
  • • Aerobars
  • • Triathlon bars
  • • All similar add-on bars that can be attached to drop handlebars. Any other handlebars that prevent quick braking and are unsuitable for use on roads with steep grades.
  • • Any handlebars having shapes that prevent quick braking and are unsuitable for use on roads with steep grades are prohibited.
  • • Handlebars deemed unsafe for riding, including all add-on bars attached using attachment systems, are prohibited.
  • • Riders may be disqualified if the event organizer deems that their bicycles are in violation of regulations.


  • • The purpose of the event is to have a fun ride, not to race competitively.
  • • Please put safety first, enjoy the ride, and help ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • • The courses include steep slopes, so please be sure to train well and be in appropriate physical condition.
  • • The organizer reserves the right to modify courses or cancel or suspend the event itself in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, wind and flood damage, and strong winds; weather conditions; incidents, accidents, infectious diseases; and any other hazards that may be anticipated.
  • • The Rainbow Bridge highway may be closed in the event of stormy weather.
  • • To ensure safety, control riders will be present in front of and behind the participants for guidance.
  • • Overtaking of control riders while riding is prohibited.
  • • Stopping to take pictures is not allowed on courses (public roads and highways).
  • • Cameras secured to the bicycle itself or the helmet and which can be used safely are permitted.
  • • Taking pictures/video while riding one-handed is prohibited.
  • • All participants must wear a helmet.
  • • Participants are solely responsible for any accidents, injuries (including death), loss, or damage to property resulting from their participation in the event, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the organizer.
  • • A separate fee for COVID-19 testing may be required.
  • • Courses include tight U-turns. Clip-in shoes may cause riders to fall over. Please be careful.
  • • If the event is canceled or interrupted due to reasons beyond the organizer’s control, such as a natural disaster or inclement weather, 60% of the participation fee and rental cycle fee will be refunded.
    If canceled, the first-time commemorative gift (T-shirt) and completion prize (sacoche) will be mailed on a later date.


Rainbow Bridge Ride / Multisports (2022)



Sports Organizations

Japan Cycle League / Tokyo Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities / Japan Freestyle BMX Federation / Tokyo Metropolitan Government Citizen Safety Promotion Division / Tokyo Amateur Rowing Association / Tokyo Cycling Competition Federation / Tokyo Roller Sports Federation / Japan Urban Sports Support Committee / Tokyo Hockey Association / Tenohira Kenko Volleyball Association / Japan Unicycling Association / Shinagawa Unicycling Association / Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department / Tokyo Fire Department Stage and Performance Organizations / All Japan Through-Net Ping-Pong Association