Grand Cycle Tokyo


In order to convey the appeal of bicycles to a wide range of people, we have appointed TAKEI So and INAMURA Ami as our ambassadors, Ambassadors to promote the appeal of bicycles to a wide range of people.

Message from INAMURA Ami

My name is Ami Inamura, and I have just been appointed as a GRAND CYCLE TOKYO Ambassador.
I hope to share the appeal of bicycles, which everyone can enjoy, with many people through races and events.
I will do my best to support GRAND CYCLE TOKYO while feeling the wind of Tokyo!

Message from TAKEI So

I will be the GRAND CYCLE TOKYO Ambassador, I am the king of all beasts, Sou Takei. Bicycle is the most suitable vehicle to enjoy the earth, to enjoy the earth. Feel the wind created by your pedaling power, and enjoy Tokyo and the earth as much as you can!