Grand Cycle Tokyo

Courtesy call by GCT Ambassadors

On Friday, July 28, 5th year of Reiwa, Ambassadors So Takei and Ami Inamura paid a courtesy visit to Governor Koike. In the discussion, the attractions and expectations of Rainbow Ride and THE ROAD RACE TOKYO were discussed, and a tandem bicycle that was allowed to ride in July this year was unveiled.

Governor Koike said, “Last year’s Rainbow Ride was held in the rain, but many people said that they had fun. This year, the Tokyo Gate Bridge will be added to the course, so I hope many people will enjoy it. I would like you to participate.” “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO will be an opportunity to watch a bicycle road race up close. I want everyone to feel the speed of top athletes.” “Also, on July 1, the ban on tandem bicycles in Tokyo was lifted, making it possible to ride them on public roads. .”

Ambassador Mr. Takei said, “Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bridge are routes that I often drive on, and they are roads that led to my dreams. I hope many people will drive here and have a wonderful time.”

Ms. Inamura said, “There is also a tandem bicycle event at ‘THE ROAD RACE TOKYO.’ I hear that it is rare to hold a tournament in Japan, so I definitely want to watch it up close. 」There was a remark filled with expectations.

Finally, the Governor of Tokyo presented the two ambassadors with GRAND CYCLE TOKYO polo shirts.