Grand Cycle Tokyo


2024.12.1 Sun.
Date decided! Recruitment starts around July


Venue: Start: Odaiba Kaihin Park / Finish: Symbol Promenade Park Central Square This is a special event where participants can enjoy riding along Tokyo’s landmarks such as the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bridge.
Three courses are available for everyone from enthusiasts to families: Rainbow long (approx. 32 km), Rainbow middle (approx. 19 km), and Rainbow short (approx. 8 km).
Advance registration is required to participate.


Venue: Aomi finish line, Telecom Center Building
Various sports and VR experiences such as bicycles and urban sports, competition demonstrations by professional athletes, etc., will be provided for both adults and children to enjoy. There will also be a live stage by artists and kitchen car vendors, making it a full day of fun.
Anyone can participate on the day of the event. More details will be announced as they become available.