Name of Tama Road Race to Be “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO”!

The name of the bicycle road race to be held in the Tama region has been decided as “THE ROAD RACE TOKYO.” The name indicates that the full-fledged road race will be held in Tokyo, and will be disseminated both in Japan and internationally to raise awareness of the event and for branding.
Please come and see the powerful, fast-paced cycling of the top athletes up close.

Overview of THE ROAD RACE TOKYO 2023 (Tama Region)
(1) Date: Sunday, December 3, 2023
(2) Features:

  • ・One-way race in an urban area (separate start and finish), a rarity in Japan
  • ・Mainly using the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 course, the 1964 Olympic Games course will also be utilized
  • ・There will also be para-cycling on public roads, which is rarely held in Japan

(3) Other
On Saturday, December 2, Ajinomoto Stadium will hold a circuit-type race in which beginners of sports cycling and others can participate on a special course around the outer circumference of the stadium.

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