Grand Cycle Tokyo


July 1 (Sat.)Virtual CyclingThe 10th Ota Sports Health Festa (Ota City General Gymnasium)
July 2 (Sun.)Virtual Cycling ExperienceMinato City Sports Center (Free admission day for Minato City residents)
July 30 (Sun.)Children’s Bicycle ClassHigashi-Asakawa Kotsu Park (Hachioji City)
August 5 (Sat.)Virtual CyclingThe 18th Akiruno Summer Festival (Akiruno Lupia)
August 24 (Thu.)Virtual CyclingTOKYO Para Sports FORWARD (Citizen’s Plaza)
September 24th (Sun.)Virtual CyclingThe 53rd Fureai Citizens’ Sports Day (Higashiyamato City) Higashiyamato City Rondo Minna no Gymnasium
October 8 (Sun)Running Bike Experience*1 / Virtual Cycling The 34th Citizens’ Sports Festival
(Kodaira City Gymnasium)
October 8 (Sun)Virtual Cycling2023 Mitaka Sports Festival
(Mitaka Central Disaster Prevention Park, Genki Souzou Plaza Subaru Sports Center)
October 9 (Mon., holiday)BMX Freestyle Flatland Experience*2 / Virtual CyclingSports Day Ome 2023
(Sumitomo Metal Mining Arena Ome)
October 9 (Mon., holiday)Running Bike Experience*1 / BMX Race Experience / Virtual Cycling / Bicycle Simulator Safety ClassTaito Sports Festa 2023(Taito City Sumida Park, Yamatanibori Plaza)(Taito City Sumida Park, Sanyabori Square)
October 9 (Mon., holiday)Virtual CyclingCome on everyone! Sports & Recreation Day “Spo-Rec”Festival 2023
(Kokubunji Civic Sports Center)
October 14 (Sat.)Henshin Bike Experience*1 / Virtual CyclingHalloween in Tama Center 2023
(Tama Center (Parthenon Boulevard))
October 24 (Tue.) and October 25 (Wed.)Virtual CyclingUrban Fitness 2023 in FUTAKOTAMAGAWA Sta.(Futakotamagawa Rise Galleria)
October 28 (Sat.) and October 29 (Sun.)
Virtual CyclingTama Tokyo Transfer 130th Anniversary EventChotamaran Expo(JR Tachikawa Station North Exit, Sun Sun Road)
November 4 (Sat.) (November 5(Sun.) are reserved.)Bicycle Tour “SOTO-ride “*2
SOTO-Monogatari Tour Cycling Course
(Hachioji City)
November 18 (Sat.), 19 (Sun.)Bicycle Tour “Fully enjoyable Oshima-town ride“Cycling course in Oshima town
November 19 (Sun.)Running Bike ExperienceOshima Town Memorial Park
December 17 (Sun.)Children’s Bicycle ClassAkashi elementary school (Chuo city)
January 5 (Fri.), 6 (Sat.)Virtual CyclingArakawa Sports Center Festival (Arakawa General Sports Center)
February 24 (Sat.), 25 (Sun.) *3Running Bike Experience / BMX Racing Experience / Virtual CyclingOta Cycle Festa (Heiwajima Park)
March 2 (Sat.)BMX Freestyle Flatland ExperienceOpening Game at Home Stadium of FC TOKYO (Ajinomoto Stadium)
All of the above programs are free of charge.
Please note that the lecturers and program content will differ depending on the date and venue as noted above. The programs will be held in November and beyond in conjunction with ward, city, town and village events and projects in various areas of Tokyo.

*1 Running Bike Experience (Kodaira City and Taito Ward) and Henshin Bike Experience (Tama City) refer to the kick bike experience in the program.
*2 Please note that advance registration is required for the BMX Freestyle Flatland Experience (Ome City) and the “SOTO-Ride” bicycle tour (Hachioji City). For the other programs, you can participate at the registration desk on the day of the event.
*3 All contents are canceled on February 25 because of rain.